Sunday, May 2, 2010

Arizona Snapshots

I heard the Latino USA broadcast on KUT on Friday and found it to be a very personal and subtle take on the Arizona law.  You can find photos and the audio story on the website.  --Lauren 

In the days since the State of Arizona enacted SB-1070, the nation’s most stringent state-mandated immigration measure, there has been a vigil kept on the lawn of the capitol in Phoenix. There are veteran activists here, and toddlers and abuelas, celebrities, bikers, police officers, a shrine to Los Santos, reporters, and community leaders of all stripes.

But, perhaps most remarkably, there is also a sizable contingent of young people—university and high school students—keeping vigil, day and night. Some clearly have been radicalized by the prospect of family displacement should 1070 go into effect, and others are just trying to cope with their anger at what they feel is a growing tolerance of racism in their state.

We spent the week in Phoenix, talking with people about being Latino in Arizona in 2010; we call it: Arizona Snapshots:

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Wm. Chris Lee said...

Lauren, it's great to see that young citizens are becoming engaged in the ongoing debate. It would be great if this continues as comprehensive immigration reform gains momentum.