Friday, April 30, 2010

One Person's Story

Well my father is back from a month in South America and he has many, many interesting stories. Some sad, some very funny. I am sharing this story that he emailed me because it pertains to my portfolio topic: family reunification and it is very powerful (but sad). He wrote:

"Racheal, I thought you might be interested in this encounter. Monday night I boarded a Taca plane in San Salvador for my return trip home. During the three hour flight I sat next to a man named Carlos who was from El Salvador. In my discussion with him he told me that he had been visiting with family. He continued to tell me that he had taken advantage of the amnesty program offered by Ronald Reagan in the 1980's. He now has legal permanent resident alien status. He regularly makes return trips home to visit his father and mother as well as his wife. As we sat and talked he lamented the fact that he cannot bring his wife into the US as there has been no immigration process for foreigners like her. He explained that he and his wife are hopping that president Obama keeps his promise and develops a legal entry immigration process. Even though he had hope for immigration reform, he was also disappointed, saying that because Obama chose to push healthcare reform he does not expect him to do anything soon. Carlos told me that he had promised his wife that president Obama would provide a means for her to come to America in 2011. Now they both await to see if that promise will be fulfilled.

It's a sad story, I'm sure repeated thousands of times.


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