Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are Arizona Latinos to wear Latino Star of David?

Equating the new law in AZ to the "Star of David" is on point, an apt metaphor. Hopefully, this will jolt some folks into seeing the severity of this.

Are Arizona Latinos to wear Latino Star of David? Editorial

Has Arizona become the Germany of the early 1930’s where Jews had to identify themselves with a Star of David pinned on their clothing? Should Arizona Latinos be made to wear such identification?

Under the premise that it will make it harder for illegal immigrants to stay in Arizona, a white Republican Party dominated state legislation has passed the toughest anti-immigration law in the United States, SB 1070, "Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act."

The law mandates police officers to question the immigration status of anyone they pull over or stop anywhere for just cause or even suspicion of non citizenship or legal status in the country.

Just cause can be anything from “one tire seems to be low and can be a safety hazard,” to “your clothes don’t seem to be in keeping with what most wear” so “now prove to me you are legally in the country.”

So will Latinos now have to carry proof of citizenship or legal immigration status? Failure to carry such documents is under SB 1070 a misdemeanor. Can one grasp this? Is this not the makings of a Police State?

Further, the law allows for private citizens to “sue” a police department if they believe that they are not enforcing the law to their satisfaction. Suspicion and accusation is to be the conviction?

This new law along with the state’s law previously enacted forbidding the hiring of illegal immigrants may seem to white non-Latinos as just the right ticket to stop illegal immigration in Arizona. If you’re skin happens to be white, you may consider applauding the new law. It is after all a way to discourage illegal immigration and fearing being snared many will leave, and already many have.

But if your skin happens to be brown, and if you happen to be a US citizen either by birth or nationalized, and if you happen to be a legal resident of the United States, this is a draconian set of laws that only the very misinformed or racist bunch of people would even consider this is the way to do things in the U.S.

Who exactly does any citizen of Arizona believe will be the target of such “stopping”? Is there any doubt that it will be “brown faces”? If a first generation immigrant legally in the country or a US citizen has an accent in his speech, is there any doubt that far too many law enforcement officers of the “red neck” persuasion will challenge the immigration legality of the person they stop?

And when it comes to hiring, is there doubt that far too many employers will not gamble hiring brown faced applicants in fear that they may get the police visit due to a denunciation from an employee who “suspects” the brown faced hired is in Arizona illegally? That many Latinos will then be the victims of hiring discrimination?

And what about visitors or tourists who daily cross along one of the various ports of entry between the U.S. and Mexico? Once in the interior of Arizona, will they not be stopped with more frequency? And if they show their local border crossing pass that allows for legal visits, is the police officer to be an expert on that status or will the person be detained until Federal officials confirm the legal status of the visitor?

How terrible it is that in the United States we are coming to this. How terrible that Arizona legislators are dragging the Constitutional rights of so many down the drain and introducing ill advised Nazi style draconian enforcement methods.

What’s next in Arizona? A Latino Star of David to be worn at all times in public while all none affected remain in passive silence? Welcome to Nazi Arizona.
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