Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obama to host state dinner for Mexico

My hopes are that good will come from this dinner, but unfortunately, as a result from recent happenings, I also have to wonder--is this just an appeasement/stall dinner?

"The new White House social secretary isn't getting much time to prepare. Press secretary Robert Gibbs announced today that the president and first lady will host a state dinner on May 19 for Mexican President Felipe Calderon.
It will be the Obamas' second state dinner - and the first put on by Julianna Smoot, who starts her new job as social secretary on Monday.
The first one, for the prime minister of India, was a success by all accounts -- until it came to light that three party crashers had gotten in.
The fallout: a Secret Service investigation congressional hearings and, eventually, the resignation of social secretary Desiree Rogers.
Obama and Calderon have worked together on issues such as border security and drug trafficking. Calderon has already hosted his U.S. counterpart in Mexico."

From "The Oval" blog

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Wm. Chris Lee said...

I am both hopeful and curious to see how much actual progress will be made. The pleasantries associated with state dinners do not necessarily translate into policy reform. We can only anticipate that the leadership in both nations will develop a more collaborative approach to resolving the longstanding drug/human trafficking, border security, and trade issues.