Thursday, February 11, 2010

Immigrant Students: A Year in the Lives of New Immigrants

A big challenge facing North Texas' public schools is immigration — particularly teens from rural Mexico. Most speak scant English, some had interrupted schooling back home and some want to work. Often, they are here illegally. Still, the courts say schools must educate them. Since DFW has become one of America's new arrival capitals, the entire region shares an interest in their success. The News followed about 60 new immigrants and their teachers at DISD's Adamson High last school year, and met with many families, to learn about their challenges at school and home.

The main page with links to the different parts in the series as well as to editorials can be found here.

Part One - Immigrant Students: New arrivals face a hard road to finish high school

Part Two - Education a challenge in a small Mexican community with strong ties to Dallas

Part Three - Backgrounds play big role in new immigrants' success in U.S. classrooms

Part Four - Adamson High Principal Rawly Sanchez takes a personal stake in kids' success

Part Five - Adamson students finish year with TAKS results, graduation, plans for the future

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