Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chile Earthquake

I was both surprised and saddened when I looked online for information about the earthquake in Chile that occurred early this morning. As I searched the news, I found coverage on the possible tsunamis threatening the US everywhere, reports on military status, and even a report stating that no Bulgarians were harmed before I came across anything that really focused on Chile's status and condition. It's unfortunate that information about Chile is so overrun by concerns about ourselves. While I'm certainly not downplaying or disregarding the current threats to various places that we are all now on high alert for, Chile has already experience earthquakes, tsunamis, and all the problems that come along with those disasters and yet, so far, information seems a little scarce for what I thought it would be. CNN does have some information focused a little more on Chile....CLICK HERE

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Bonita said...

I, to, was very sadden to see the destruction in Chile. This was double blow to a region that is already struggling with destruction.