Monday, February 22, 2010

As the national tally gears up, officials note that undercount in 2000 meant area lost out nearly $236 million in federal money

As the 2010 census draws near everyone seems to be honing in on it. This is a particularly interesting article as it is local to our county. Make sure you take a look at the pie charts on the left hand side of the article. They show Hispanic population growth in Austin as well as projections for growth.


Published: 12:16 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 21, 2010

Every 10 years, the government mounts a colossal effort to count every single person in the United States. The snapshot of America that emerges produces a vast landscape of figures used to calculate political power as well as how much federal money flows back to local communities for everything from hospitals to schools to roads.
With so much riding on the national count, which will begin next month, it has become a focus of community leaders across the country. At a January gathering of Austin and Travis County residents working to get an accurate and complete census count on April 1, one figure leaped out: $235,980,000.
That's the amount of federal money city and county officials say was left on the table as the result of a 2000 census undercount of about 16,000 county residents. Although the figure had been reported before, it was stop-in-your-tracks news to many of the volunteers.

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