Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rep. Zack Space of Ohio response to H.R. 4321


Congressman Vows to Continue Fighting Against Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Renewing his commitment to ensuring that illegal immigrants are not granted amnesty, U.S. Rep. Zack Space (OH-18) today declared the immigration bill introduced in the House of Representatives “dead on arrival.” The bill, crafted by House liberals, establishes amnesty for illegal immigrants here in the U.S., creating an injustice to Americans desperate to find jobs to put food on the table for their families.

“This legislation is outrageous,” Space said. “Nobody can deny that we have a crisis with our immigration policy. But to reward those lawbreakers with a pathway to citizenship is unthinkable. Under this bill, we would be rewarding illegal behavior by granting citizenship. That’s absolutely unacceptable and just dead wrong.

“Giving amnesty to those who illegally cross the border puts American jobs in jeopardy and undermines the ability of hard-working Ohioans to provide for their families. Hard working Ohioans throughout my district are already fighting for jobs, and if this legislation were to become law, they will face even greater competition.”

“As far as I’m concerned, this bill is absolutely dead on arrival,” Space continued.

Congressman Space has represented Ohio’s 18th Congressional District since 2007. He is working to restore integrity to the office, and create the conditions to bring new industry and jobs to Ohio.

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