Saturday, December 6, 2008

Critical Statement by Robert Lovato on Tax-payer funded Media

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As many of you know, NPR has started providing free adertising to the Department of Homeland
Security (DHS), one of the most controversy-ridden, violent and mismanaged parts of the federal government .
Anyone that knows how sophisticated DHS has gotten about improving its bad image through media should recognize this
for what it is: free PR for a repressive & scandal-riddeninstitution, PR paid for with our tax money-twice over. Not only are our taxes paying for
the commericals bought by DHS, what's left of our tax money after the bi-partisan corporate bailout, goes to
pay for part of NPR (ie; the "Public" part of their name)'s ability to underwrite what are known as "funding credits."
Those of you listening to recent broadcast of Latino USA, the independently produced program probably heard the ads.
That even Latino USA, a show that NPR does not fund and that it casts into its scheduling ghetto as part of its
institutional commitment to ignore Latino talent and programming, has to run the E-verify ads says much, much that is wrong with NPR.
Those of you as incensed as I am about this absurdity -how they have us paying for an agency and policies that kill and terrorize immigrants-and then
use it to provide PR for that same agency-should make your voice heard here <>

and by calling your local NPR affiliate. Ask them to yank the E-Verify Ads before February, when NPR's dangerous trial balloon
is scheduled to end.


Roberto Lovato
Contributing Associate Editor
New America Media
244 Madison Avenue, #149
New York, NY 10016

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