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Open Letter Inviting Sen. Obama to March for Immigrant Rights l Denver, CO

From the 'We Are America' Alliance

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July 11, 2008

An Open Letter to Senator Barack Obama:

Please Join Denver's Historic "We Are America" Immigrant Rights March on
Tuesday, August 26th at 9 a.m.

Help Announce a New Era in American Politics

Dear Senator Obama:

In the spirit of a New America, the members of the "We Are America"
alliance are p leased to write with our congratulations for your
Democratic Party nomination for the President of the United States.
We share the national excitement at what your presidency could mean
for people and causes that for too long have survived in the shadows
of American political life. We are also writing with an invitation
for you to join in an historic immigrant rights march, scheduled in
Denver during the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, August
26th at 9 a.m.

This event will unite thousands of Americans and recent immigrants
from across the country, who will march in celebration to announce a
new moment in Amer ican politics. We are very cognizant of the
importance of the Latino vote in Colorado and believe your presence
will produce new voters, inspiring many Americans who have lost faith
in the American political system. In Denver, we will stand together
in support of:

· Ending the immigrant raids that are destroying families in
this country

· Defunding the costly and impractical border wall

· Passing a DREAM act to help immigrant children pay for
attending college, and

· Passing comprehensive and humane immigration reform.

We hope that you will join us in our celebration and in our common
work. Your presence as we walk the streets in Denver will foster
incredible energy towards change on these issues, will inspire
thousands more to become involved in the civic process, and will
create a political moment on immigration issues unparalleled in
American history.

We know that you are proposing many positive ideas on immigration
issues, including a path to citizenship, a more affordable and
coherent INS legal system, putting a stop to the "terrorizing ICE
raids, and comprehensive/ humane immigration reform. But the march
in Denver is about much more than any specific policy issue. This ma
rch is about recognizing that American is at a transformational
moment: millions of Americans are recognizing that America IS a
nation of immigrants, that immigrants play a vital role in the
community, and that the path to the future is one of friendship
between old and new Americans. People are marching in realization of
these facts˜what is needed now is for serious leaders to join us in
announcing a new era.

It can be expected that there will be strong criticism and powerful
resistance from those in America not ready to accept the realities of
a changing America. Many people are uneasy with the changes, and they
insist on imagining that America is not a diverse country of
immigrants, and on imagining that somehow the very demographics of our
nation can be undone˜but these kind of imaginings do not represent the
future of America. Our path must lie in a different direction, and we
need leaders able to address the nation al unease with vision and courage.

Forty-five years ago, another transformational president of great
energy faced a similar issue as America was challenged to reverse its
"white-only" immigration policy, and to begin to admit immigrants from
a variety of non-"Western" nations, including Asia, Africa and Latin
America. President John F. Kennedy did not shirk from the great
responsibility of his time. Instead he led the way in supporting new
legislation, the Hart-Cellar Immigration Act, which broadly
diversified the kind of immigrants who would be admitted to America.
Many people criticized the president, but in joining with the
progressive reform energy of his day, Kennedy's words reminded
Americans of the debt this county has always owed the immigrant.

"Every ethnic minority, in seeking its own freedom, helped strengthen
the fabric of liberty in American life. Similarly, every aspect of
the American economy has profited from the contribution of immigrants."
-- President John F. Kennedy

We are once again in need of that old wisdom. We are in need of
courageous leaders to join the people20as we stand up for our
immigrant neighbors in the community. We believe that you can be that
leader and join us in ushering in a new frontier in American politics.
The people will be celebrating the new era in the streets of Denver
on Tuesday, August 26th at
9 a.m. We invite you to join and walk with us ; history will remember
and be judged by such events as a dramatic beginning to that could be
one of the most meaningful presidencies in American history.

With Great Hopes,

We Are America Alliance

Contact: Nita Gonzales, Escuela Tlatelolco, njgonzal@aol. com


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