Monday, July 21, 2008

2008 Census Facts

Yesterday the US Census released its annual statement for Hispanic Heritage
Month, September 15- October 15, see attached. You will find a number of
interesting statistical facts about Hispanics, such as,
* At 45.5 million we are now 15% of the US population, African
Americans are 12.8%, Asian Americans are 4.4%

* We are the 2nd largest Hispanic population worldwide, larger than Spain
or any South American country outside of Brazil which the US Census does not
consider an Hispanic population. Mexico is the largest at about 109.9 million,
and the 13th largest country. Brazil is the 7th largest country at 191.9
million. If they were a country, US Hispanics would be the 29th largest
country just larger than the actual 29th largest country, Colombia (45.0

* By 2050, Hispanics are projected to become 24% of the US population at
102.6 million people.

* 48% of the US Hispanic population resides in California and Texas. The
Hispanics in California alone at 13.2 million would be the 5th most populous
state in the Union, after California, Texas, New York and Florida and larger
than the next largest state Illinois at 12.8 million. Hispanics in California
and Texas combined at 21.8 million would be the third largest state, larger
than New York at 19.2 million.

* 4.7 million Hispanics reside in LA County, the county with the largest
Hispanic population. They would be the 23rd largest state, smaller than
Colorado, 4.8 million, but larger than Alabama, 4.6 million, and 27 other
states and the District of Columbia, and roughly the 117th most populous
country just larger than Norway at 4.6 million.

* Only 60% of Hispanics 25 and older have a high school diploma.

* Only 13% of Hispanics 25 and older have a bachelor degree or higher;
32% of non-Hispanic Whites and 18% of Blacks (which may include some Hispanics)
25 and older have bachelor degree or higher

* 11% of all college students were Hispanic as of October 2006 (other
data above were 2007 data, usually July 1, 2007)

(Country rankings are approximate as the CIA listing from which they are
provided includes the European Union as well as its component countries
individually, and includes US territories, e.g., Virgin Islands and Puerto
Rico, as separate countries.)

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