Tuesday, May 6, 2008

National Alliance for Human Rights: Delegation Travels to Venezuela

> National Alliance for Human Rights
> Delegation Travels to Venezuela
> Press Release
> April 23, 2008
> Meetings and academic sessions will be held with government, political,
> and academic representatives of President Hugo Chavez's administration.
> The delegation will also be participating in Caracas' "May Day" (May
> 1st—International Day of the Worker) Celebrations.
> At a time when U.S./Venezuelan relations have been strained by differences
> in policy, the paramount mission of the delegation is threefold:
> (1) To establish an ongoing dialogue that will enhance the Mexicanos in
> the United States understanding of the divergent aspects of the Bolivarian
> Revolution;
> (2) To inform Venezuelans on the Mexicano and Latino's historical,
> political, economic, cultural, and social experiences in the United States;
> (3) To begin a process of developing collaborative educational programs;
> and
> (4) To ascertain ways of promoting amicable relations between the two
> countries. Upon the delegation's return, a report will be prepared and
> disseminated to the public.
> According to Armando Navarro, NAHR Coordinator "Like other previous
> delegations organized by the National Alliance for Human Rights, this one
> seeks to strengthen its politics of acercamiento with Latin America.
> Mexicanos in the United States, some 30 million strong and Latinos in
> general comprising some 47 million, are a powerful, viable, and vital
> political, economic, social, and cultural bridge and asset for the promotion
> of amicable relations between the United States and Latin America." Navarro
> added, "The delegation will seek support from the Venezuelan government and
> that of other Latin American governments for National Alliance for Human
> Rights' mobilization efforts for immigration reform, which will coincide
> with the November presidential elections."
> Since its formation in 2000, the National Alliance for Human Rights, a
> network of individuals and organizations has been committed to the promotion
> of human rights, social justice, and the political empowerment of Mexicanos
> and Latinos in the United States; therefore; it has organized several
> delegations to Mexico, Cuba, and now Venezuela in an effort to promote an
> "acercamiento" process between Mexicanos in the United States and Latin
> America.
> The 13 member delegation is comprised of scholars, students, and community
> activists from California, New Mexico, Utah, and Texas.
> In alphabetical order, the following includes their names, universities,
> or organizations they represent:
> Dr. Dennis Bixler-Marquez, University of Texas, El Paso
> Dr. Augustin (Gus ) Chavez, California State University, San Diego
> (retired)
> Erika Grisel Espinosa, University of California, Riverside,
> Student/activist
> Dr. Ignacio M. Garcia, Brigham Young University, Utah
> Joseph J. Garcia, University of New Mexico graduate student,
> Mary Ann "Maria Anna" Gonzales, Community Leader/NAHR Educational Projects
> and Programs Coordinator, Riverside, CA.
> Patricia Malagon, University of California, Riverside student/activist
> Daniel Flores Morales, Community leader, Riverside, CA.
> Dr. Armando Navarro, University of California, Riverside, CA
> Dr. Jesus Gilberto Nieto, California State University, Bakersfield
> Rosalia Salinas, ; Community leader, San Diego, CA
> Francisco Sola, ; Community leader, Riverside, CA
> National Alliance for Human Rights Inland Empire
> P.O. Box 5616, Riverside, CA 92517-5616;
> Phone: (951) 333-6819
> Email: nafhr@earthlink.net
> Web: http://nafhr.org/
> The National Alliance for Human Rights is a network of leaders, activists,
> scholars and organizations committed to the promotion of human rights,
> social justice and political empowerment of the Latino community in the
> United States.

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