Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Letter to Dad on Selia Soberanes


Yes, feeling better. Thanks and thanks for the Bible verses, too.

I got the details on Huberto's death from his wife, Selia Soberanes, who is still alive (he’s the small boy in the photo that I sent you). She said just last week that she never saw David and Daniel when they went to visit el Ocote. She said that had she known they were there, she would have strongly urged Huberto for the family to return back to the U.S. with grandpa because she knew that there were these bad men after her husband. Just think, she could have ended up in San Angelo.

It's amazing how fresh all of this is for her even at her age. She's such an amazing person, Dad.

She ended up raising 2 sets of twins (two one- and two-year-olds) and being a ganadera herself. She's still riding horses though she’s beginning to slow down. She's thin as a rail but very strong and healthy. I really enjoyed meeting her. See attached photo. I joked with everybody that I look more like her than anybody else. I do look like Mom some but feel that I mostly do not look like any of them. This, of course, made Tia Selia smile. I would love to spend a whole day with her someday.

Thought I’d share!


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