Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stop "Plan Mexico"!

Important to see in light of previous post. -Dra. Valenzuela

Stop "Plan Mexico"! Public Service Announcement, 3.5 minutes

Now available on YouTube!

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> Video text:
> Plan Mexico was hatched by Presidents
> Bush and Calderon without any consultation from the US or Mexican
> congresses.
> Officially known as the Merida Initiative, Plan Mexico,is immediately
> likened to the failures and violence of Plan Colombia that has led to an
> increase in human rights violations and cocaine production.
> Stopping Plan Mexico has been named by the Center for International
> Policy as one of the top three challenges to protect attempts to build
> more
> just and peaceful societies in Latin America.
> The United Steelworkers came out against it in November and issued a
> statement demanding public hearings about it after
> the police crackdowns on miners in Mexico last week.
> Plan Mexico would provide $1.5 billion in US Taxpayer monies and
> equipment
> to the Mexican military, police, and intelligence services.
> None of the aid contemplated in this first package of a proposed 3 year
> deal goes where it's most needed: addiction
> prevention and rehabilitation in America, and local development
> financing in
> mMxico.
> Sending equipment to the Mexican police and military in the context
> of unprosecuted human rights violations encourages impunity.
> Is this what Americans want our government to do with our tax money?
> Increased surveillance, secret police and paramilitary activities
> endangers
> the civil liberties of the general population at
> risk, especially activists, union leaders, indigenous peoples.
> The invasion by U.S. military companies such as Blackwater, and direct
> U.S.
> involvement in Mexican military would lead to a client state
> relationship
> that compromises Mexican national sovereignty and would lead to
> increased
> U.S.
> interventionist and even imperial foreign policy.
> This "security" initiative is proposed in the context of opening up the
> Mexican economy to further
> privatization and exploitation by multinational corporations.
> Plan Mexico, emphasizes interdiction and as such expands the failed
> drug war
> in Colombia. Yet, a study conducted by the conservative RAND Drug Policy
> Research Center
> for the U.S. Army ... found that treatment is 10 times more cost
> effective than interdiction...".
> Plan Mexico imagines anti-terrorist measures to confront an
> international
> threat that does not exist in Mexico, and would reinterpret
> migration as organized crime.
> Mexico needs and deserves U.S. support, in the form of fair trade
> agreements
> which prioritize labor, indigenous and other human rights &
> environmental
> protections; Instead our government sends jobs oversees where Mexican
> workers and farmers rights are abused under rapacious free trade that
> reduces wages and decimates the environment. The proposal to expand
> militarization of Mexican society is a step in the wrong direction.
> Plan Mexico is a dangerous ploy by the Bush administration to intervene
> in the affairs of Mexico for decades to come, while ignoring the need to
> create good paying jobs at home.
> Tell Congress to Stop Plan Mexico.
> (The above text is not the exact final version of the video clip.)

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Brian said...

Great video. The money is much better spent helping to fight addiction,provide prevention and rehabilitation programs in the US. I live in Colombia and I don't think that all the money that was dumped into this country has helped in combating the problem.