Thursday, November 29, 2007

Elvira Arellano & Chicago Woman Continue Bi-National, Pro-immigrant Hunger Strike

Elvira Arellano & Chicago Woman Continue Bi-National, Pro-immigrant Hunger Strike
November 27, 2007

Two Mexican immigrant women are now in the 14th day of a bi-national hunger strike. Flor Crisostomo, an undocumented resident of Chicago, and Elvira Arellano, the Mexican mother who, before being captured and deported earlier this year, came to symbolize the immigrant struggle in the U.S., have targeted politicos on both sides of the border with their calls to resolve the immigration crisis.

Crisostomo, who was put in deportation proceedings after being captured in the massive raid on IFCO systems last year, is currently staging her strike in front of the Chicago offices of Rahm Emmanuel, the anti-immigrant fundrasing and campaign chief of the Democrats. A press statement released by Crisostomo and her supporters calls on Emmanuel to “confront his responsibilities as a member of the Congressional Democratic Leadership and work to resolve the current immigration crisis in this session of Congress.”

Denouncing Emmanuel, who represents one of the most immigrant of all Congressional districts she said, “You have the responsibility to resolve this crisis. You cannot leave millions of people and millions of children at the mercy of a broken law.”

For her part, Arellano, decided to stage her strike in front of the U.S. embassy in Mexico City. She also targeted Mexican politicians so that they play a more aggressive role in defending the rights of Mexican migrants in the U.S “I believe” said Arellano, “that the Mexican government should suspend all negotiations with the United States over trade and national security until the United States fixes its broken law and treats our people with dignity. “

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