Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Helping Illegal Immigrants Earn their Way

Students, This is a great discussion on a current proposal that would benefit immigrants called the DREAM Act. Journalist Ruben Navarrette describes it below.

I personally support the DREAM Act and I see and appreciate Navarrette's analysis since politics always affects the development of policy.

However, I also see and appreciate journalist, Javier Rodriguez' critique of Navarrette who articulates the DREAM Act from a human rights perspective.

This is a very worthwhile read in light of our course this semester.

-Dra. Valenzuela

DREAM Act is Step in Right Direction
By Ruben Navarrette

SAN DIEGO -- Since the demise of comprehensive immigration reform earlier
this year, I've been looking for another idea that would give illegal
immigrants the chance to become legal but require that those who receive
such a privilege give back quite a bit in return.

For a while, I thought this sort of thing would never materialize. In
fact, you could say, I thought I was dreaming. But now comes the DREAM Act
(for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors). The idea needs
adjustments, but it's a step in the right direction. The measure --
proposed by Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill. -- would give U.S. citizenship to
individuals if they had come to the United States before the age of 16,
graduated from high school or received a GED, and completed two years of
college or military service. Durbin tried to insert the idea as an
amendment to the defense authorization bill, but Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid nixed it because there wasn't enough support. Reid did promise
to bring the DREAM Act to a vote next month.

It's the mention of military service that concerns those on the extreme
left, who fret that students who can't afford college might be so eager
for citizenship that they could wind up in Iraq. Meanwhile, the extreme
right thinks that the idea will serve as a magnet for illegal immigration
(as opposed to say, jobs) and rejects it as nothing more than -- wait for
it -- amnesty.

As usual, both extremes are wrong. But to assuage some of those concerns,
I think the DREAM Act should be tweaked so that students have to complete
a four-year degree or four-year military enlistment before qualifying, and
then they would qualify only for legal residency -- not citizenship. Once
they become legal, they should have to follow the same steps anyone else
does to obtain citizenship. We might also add a third option besides
college or the military. How about two years of national service in a poor
community within the United States? If the point is to find some way for
these young people to contribute to the betterment of a country that is
about to grant them legal status, that would sure do the trick.

The specifics can be worked out, but let's not lose sight of the real
strength of the DREAM Act. It's the quid pro quo of offering illegal
immigrants a path to legalization but not making that path a cakewalk. It
offers something precious -- the right to stay in the United States
legally -- but it isn't bashful about demanding certain things in return.

Every single piece of immigration reform that comes along should strike
the same sort of bargain. Those who don't want to accept the terms and
take the deal can go about their business, and bet their chances with
immigration authorities. But those who do will have demonstrated that
they're willing to make an investment in a country that has already given
them a lot and stands to give them much more. In return, the rest of us
get a higher-earning, greater-producing legal resident who can contribute
to society for many years to come.

Speaking of a contribution, there are those who don't seem to be making
much of one in this debate. Far and away, one of the shrillest and most
alarming arguments against this bill is coming from conservative
Republicans who insist that enacting this sort of reform would somehow
reduce educational opportunities for native-born U.S. citizens by forcing
them to compete with illegal immigrants for admission to colleges,
scholarships and the like. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., glibly labeled
the DREAM Act "a nightmare" that would drain scarce resources.

It's official. The protectionists have no shame. We now have members of
Congress who -- after years of arguing that Americans are threatened by
trade deals, high-tech workers and low-wage laborers -- are trying to
protect native-born high school students from the embarrassment of
competing with illegal immigrant students and losing out.

It just hit me. What Americans really need is a domestic DREAM Act for our
own kids -- something to remind the little darlings that, if you want
something out of life, you have to put something back in. If they learn
that, they won't need protecting.
(c) 2007, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Response by Javier Rodriguez
A media strategist and journalist
in Los Angeles

Companer@s :

The author conveniently omits, out of ignorance or convenience, that the international approved 1991 human rights covenant of protection for undocumented immigrant stipulates: a migrant, after three years in the host country, to reiterate three years only, has the right to permanent residency, the green card, legalization and all its rights and benefits due. Why? because with that amount of time the undocumented immigrant has contributed to the host society, the receiving country with his labor, culture, religion and children. The spouse with her labor directly in production, in the labor force or as the support network which prepares, on a daily basis, the work force, including the undocumented work force, has also the right to legalization and parallel, the right to be united with his/her family, which also means the children.

The rights are also extended to the immigrant children and most of these children have or will graduate from high school and have been here residing in the empire for years. The demand of the Dream Act and of course the politicians is to make believe there is a humane handout and it is far from the truth. The Strive Act and the Senate Grand Bargain bills also parted from the same arrogant posture of the empire, treating this highly exploited sector of the working class as less than full human beings which have to "EARN" their path to citizenship. Both bills stipulated the qualified immigrants would have to wait for an approximate The Dream Act, the one in Congress, which calls for "EARNING" their path to citizenship by going to college or worse joining the military, parts from the same mentality, same framework, negating these students, millions of them, have already earned that right with their length of residency or through their immigrant parents.

The same humane logic prevails for the 3.3 plus US born children to undocumented parents. Recall Elvira Arellano and her son Saulito. As children they inherently have the right to be united with their families and have the constitutional right and international human right to have their parents, undocumented parents, with them in their country of birth. The class action lawsuit signed by 600 hundred of those children on behalf of the 3.3 million counterparts, was recently filed with the Supreme Court several weeks ago by Florida lawyers.

However, the arrogant personality of the empire is totally myopic. It believes to be superior, above the established human rights. The same logic was applied in the invasion of Iraq, a logic of superiority. Notice it in Hillary Clinton's view of this reality when she was loudly booed at a national media conference:

"Our soldiers have done their job, they got rid of Sadam Hussein". This totally negates it is a politically inspired, mean spirited, diabolical fabricated war. Democracy with bombs and the casualty deaths, not Americans, stands at 1.2 million Iraqis, and growing.

Ruben Navarrete, if I'm not mistaken is a conservative. Unfortunately, since 1848, the Mexican colonized mind has been around for many decades. It thinks and acts as a member of the conquering country. THE GOD BLESS AMERICA TYPE. Our wonderful mayor of Los Angeles eloquently fits that description, but in his case is worst, he was actually politically formed as a marxist-Leninist and an anti imperialist. That's a full 180 degrees turnaround.


Paul said...

An interesting idea proposed by the Dems. I think it is improved by Mr. Navarrette's thoughts but am less concerned about the issue of volunteering and ending up in Iraq. That point would be key ammunition against the Republicans in the inevitable debate.

Another well written piece I read this morning is at the following link.


The Protestant Stand said...

The Dream Act is a some kind of joke right? There are loop holes in this bill. First, illegal alien does not really have to serve in the military or go to college at all. He only has the option of two years of College or serving in the military. Gee, which one would you take?

Second, before the illegal alien even goes to college or serve in the military (joke) he/she gets amesty to stay in the US and greed cards for his/her whole illegal alien family. He/she doesn’t even have to give or serve in anything. Real legal immigrants have been willing to serve in the military. Willing to give their lives to earn the right to become citzens. Besides, proponets are already whining that illegal aliens might be forced to serve in the military. Wow, and just like real American Citizen thatn have joined the military to get college grants. Personally, I think the US can do a lot better then having to recruit illegal aliens who come here to only to gratify themselves.

Going to college and getting “in state tution” to better one owns life is not a real sarcrifice of any kind. It’s just “illegal alien, please take take take.” Gee, if all Americans could be treated in this way! It’s a Joke on America. Even American citizens from different states can not get in state tution. Then recieve pell and tap grants because of low income. Middle class American Citizens can not recieve those benifits. It’s a free ride. It’s Illegal Alien supremacy. The provision and benifits to the illegal alien is favored far above that of averge law abding American tax paying Citizen. At the Amereican tax payer expense.

Man, do we spoil illegals in this country or what? Liberal democrates and President Bush has them so spoiled they think they are entitled to this amesty. Where’s the sacrifice or true service? Many American Citizens have willingly served in miltary to get the GI grants. He really sacrifices him/she self for his/her Country. But, what does the illegal alien sacrifice for this country after sneaking here illegally? How stupid do they think the American people are?

Illegal aliens should wake from their selfish arrogant fantasy and stop dreaming. What a nightmare. Illegal foreigners who are only out for themselves and what they can take. They don't think to sacrificing or truly giving anything in debt to the United States of America.