Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Child Dying Of Cancer, Mother To Be Deported

This is unbelievable. And the ICE officials want the public to believe that they are being merciful???? This child's and this mother's and this family's human rights are being denied. This is outrageously uncaring and inhumane. We in the U.S. should be deeply ashamed that such things occur. -Angela

Child Dying Of Cancer, Mother To Be Deported

(WCCO, Minneapolis, MN)
October 22, 2007

On Wednesday immigration officials plan to send a Minnesota mom back to Mexico, being deported after living here illegally for years.

The deportation is going through despite the fact the woman has a young daughter who is dying of cancer.

Four-year-old Samantha has cancer and she has a rare disease. Her mom, Cecelia Sanchez-Zurita had been caring for her but now she is in jail, awaiting deportation.

"Cecelia's place is here in a home with her daughter. Her daughter is terminally ill and doctors give her two years to live," said Maribel Ponce, Samantha's aunt.

Samantha is too sick to receive chemotherapy. The family wants Cecelia Sanchez-Zurita's deportation delayed so she can hold her daughter when she dies.

The family's attorney has been begging immigration officials in Bloomington to give the case another look. So far the answer has been no, with deportation scheduled in two days.

"People are accusing you of being heartless for not helping a child who is dying of cancer," said WCCO-TV's Lisa Kiava.

"I think it's important to point out that we use prosecutorial discretion everyday, that we make exceptions everyday, that we consider humanitarian circumstances every single day of the week," said Tim Counts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

However, Counts said this case is different because there are options, like having Samantha's father care for her in the United States.

"They're difficult decisions but they're decisions that the parents must make because of the situation that they have placed themselves in," said Counts.

The family is praying for a change of heart.

"There's nothing like the mother's love so Samantha is really going to need her on her last days," said Ponce.

Cecelia Sanchez-Zurita has been deported before, that's why immigration officials aren't backing down this time.

Family members aren't backing down either saying they'll continue their last-minute appeals.


rosy said...

I consider this situation really sad, it is not fair that they don´t let this woman to stay with his girl just for the days that she had of life, we know that she is not legal but that isn´t a good reason to do not let her be with her, I put myself in her situation and I will be very desperate

Manuel said...

I agree this is unbelievable. If U. S. government doesn’t care about this four-year-old and really ill American girl, what kind of treatment we expect for the millions of children of undocumented immigrants.
1981 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child settles down as fundamental right of children the right to a family, the right to an environment secure to grow up and helpful to develop skills. Are these rights of Samantha respected? It doesn’t matter if she has a terminal disease; the better ambience to grow up is with her parents, with her mother.